The next generation of workers is Generation Y or  the Millennial Generation, those born after the late 1970s or early 1980s (depending on your source) and currently entering the workplace.

Also known as…

  • Millennials
  • Digital Natives
  • Echo Boomers
  • Generation Next
  • Generation “why”
  • iGeneration
  • Internet Generation
  • Nexters
  • Net Generation

Notable distinctions…

  • Education:
    • Most education-minded generation in history.
    • Better educated than any other generation in history.
  • Social Responsibility:
    • Most socially conscious generation since the ’60s.
    • Volunteer in their communities more than any other in American history.
  • Diversity:
    • Most cross-culture, cross-creed, and cross-color generation in U.S. history.
  • Technology:
    • First generation that’s completely comfortable with technology.

One Response to Background

  1. Mark Bauerlein says:

    Unfortunately, the claim that Millennials are “better educated” doesn’t hold up. Yes, they’re getting more degrees, but every measure of their knowledge and skills shows abysmal results. The findings are collected here:

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