Millennials at School

June 7, 2008

Last month I started a few new chapters in my life.  I got married and I started grad school.  The Millennial marriage was good times but a topic for a different day.  This post is about my reintroduction to academia and how in the next twelve months I will be working very closely with a diverse group of individuals from three generations.  I do not have demographic information for this years program yet but I would say the group is predominately of the Xer variety with a handful each of Boomers and Millennials.

After our first weekend of class I can say one thing for sure.  Regardless of how tech savvy our generation is, we cannot compete against the years of experience the other two generations have.  In three days I heard more stories about successes and failures within the enterprise than I could ever imagine.  I guess in ten to twenty years I’ll have as many stories, but right now, fact is, I don’t.

This just reminded me how important it is for diversity withing work groups.  Not just of race, gender, and nationality, but of generation.  Each generation has something beneficial to offer the group as a whole.  Wisdom, experience, and lessons learned coupled with fresh ideas and technical know how is a powerful combination for any organization.

Look for more to come about Millenials at School over the next year.


Coming of Age for the Millennial Workforce. WTF?

January 20, 2007

Sounds kind of heavy right? Well it isn’t. it just means members of the millennial generation, the largest generation since the Baby Boomers, have recently begun trickling into the professional workplace and will continue to do so for years to come. As these former students transition to active members of corporate America, many changes will be required of companies to recruit and retain these highly-skilled, tech-savvy workers slated to replace the retiring Baby Boomers. The goal of Millennial’s At Work will be to define members of this generation including their role in the workplace, to discuss what “experts” are saying about us and what that means to our employers and more importantly to ourselves, and talk about personal experiences as working millennial’s.